Carly Clark: The singer/songwriter to look out for

Carly Clark's EP "In This Moment" Photo Provided by

Carly Clark’s EP “In This Moment”

Photo Provided by

Carly Clark is a singer/songwriter from the Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg, Pa., area who is on her way to making music a full-time career. Releasing her first official EP, “In This Moment,” in August of last year, the songstress has been performing shows, making TV appearances, and uploading videos to her YouTube page to advertise her talent.

One of the shows she performed was at C & C Coffee Company in Chambersburg, PA, on June 24, where I had the opportunity to sit down with the singer afterwards for an interview to learn a little more about her and her music career.


Carly Clark and her back-up guitarist/husband, Todd, performing in front of C & C Coffee Company. Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Carly Clark and her back-up bass guitarist/husband, Todd, performing in front of C & C Coffee Company.

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Originally, Clark was on a different path, involved with sports, but friends in college inspired her to pick up a guitar. From there, she kept practicing, and she eventually began writing her own songs and singing her own music.

Since she is still getting into the music scene, the largest crowd Clark has performed in front of has been 100 people, however, she has made some TV appearances, including ABC27 and FOX43. She’s only gone as far as Connecticut for a show, but she definitely dreams of travelling farther.

“[My] dream place to travel to is definitely Australia or New Zealand,” Clark mentions, as a part of the video interview below. Clark also mentions The Roxy in California as her dream venue to play at.

As for Clark’s overall sound, as it says on her website, her main musical influences are artists such as Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Ed Sheeran. As part of her set list on Friday, she even covered Mayer’s “Daughters.” However, if ever given the opportunity to tour with any of them, Clark says she would go with Caillat.

“Just our styles of music. I’ve been following her for years now,” Clark states, when asked why she would tour with her. “She’s also another great singer/songwriter.”

Clark’s soft and soothing singing voice is definitely reminiscent of Caillat’s; Clark’s songs “Hold On” and “Stay” definitely have a vibe similar to Caillat’s songs, the ones “Try” and “Bubbly” coming to mind based off of their melodies. Clark and Caillat definitely have the “chill summer night”  vibe down with both of their sounds.

Clark keeps it simple with her shows, usually just herself with a guitar, but occasionally having back-up bass guitarist and/or drummer. It was a small turnout at C & C Coffee Company on Friday, but Clark still managed to thank a few listeners after the show, which just shows how she’s humbled for being able to play regardless of the turnout.

If Clark is not on your current playlist, she should be; she is definitely a star-in-the-making.

Check out Clark’s website for more information on her EP, upcoming shows, and more at Also, find out more about Clark in the interview below.



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