Knob Hall Winery offers a taste of summer

Located in Clear Spring, Md., Knob Hall Winery is the destination to go to on a summer weekend, especially if you’re craving a southern atmosphere. From weddings to small concerts to wine tastings, this establishment has it all, along with a vineyard in its backyard.

Over 200 years ago, Jacob Seibert came to America with his three brothers in search of the “American Dream,” as Knob Hall Winery’s website states. After experiencing an attack during the French and Indian War in Lancaster, Seibert left the Pennsylvania town in an effort to find a more peaceful venue. He decided to settle in Cumberland Valley, at “Good Neighbor Farm,” or Knob Hall Winery as it is currently known today.

Wine display Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Wine display

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

It took 200 years to build the vineyard into what it is today. From private events to open gatherings, the winery tries to accommodate as many interested people as it can. Knob Hall has its own wines, ranging from names such as “Blush” to “Gold Digger,” as well as makes well known favorites, such as Sangria. As a treat for the summer, the winery offers wine slushies, which simply mixes their one wine with slushed ice.

On Friday, June 17, the band “The Flashbacks” performed at the winery as entertainment for the night. Covering songs such as Blondie’s “The Tide is High” and  Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music,” the group made the night nostalgic and enjoyable. Many guests at the vineyard went up in front of the band to dance, and a group was celebrating with bubbles, showing just how laid back the night was.

The band, "The Flashbacks," performing at the winery. Photo by Jenna Kauffman

The band, “The Flashbacks,” performing at the winery.

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Going to a winery/vineyard should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. The experience is something many can enjoy, as long as they are of legal drinking age, of course. Knob Hall Winery consists of a southern-vibe atmosphere and the friendly staff compliments the winery even further.

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