Please send all submissions to

Submissions from the Wilson community are considered for publication on a case-by-case basis. We accept the following for consideration:

  • Original photos: high-resolution, .jpg format and include proper captions and attributions.
  • Letters to the Editor: 200 words and under
  • Press releases
  • Advertisements/Announcements: high-resolution, .jpg format. Please note that The Wilson Billboard reserves the right to refuse publication of advertisements and announcements that the staff deems inappropriate, offensive, or that do not conform to our standards of publication.
  • Articles: All article submissions must be original and written by the submitting author. Articles from guest contributors are considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Billboard editors. Articles on similar topics written by Billboard staff members are prioritized over guest submissions. The Wilson Billboard is under no obligation to publish articles or other content submitted by outside sources. Our organization reserves the right to edit articles for length, clarity, grammatical/spelling errors, and relevance.
Regarding Coverage of News and Events

The Wilson Billboard regularly receives a number of requests from the Wilson community to cover specific news events on and around campus. While the Billboard advisers and staff sincerely appreciate the “heads up” on all upcoming Wilson news events and attempt to provide coverage for all requests, there are times that we are simply unable to do so. Reasons for this vary. However, most often it is due to one of three things: 1) lack of available Billboard staff members, 2) staff reporters already have too many assigned articles, and 3) timeliness of the request.

While we typically cannot avoid the first two reasons, members of the Wilson community can help us tremendously where it comes to the third. Therefore, the Billboard has decided to institute the following policies regarding requests for coverage of Wilson-related events.

1) For events scheduled well in advance, individuals must contact the Billboard at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the event.

2) For requests regarding placement of advertisements or announcements in the print issue of the Billboard, submissions must be received NO LATER than the specified deadlines on the Billboard layout/publication schedule (see attached schedule below).

3) Press releases regarding news that is relevant to the Wilson community should be sent to the Billboard within a reasonable timeframe.

4) For sports-related events, the Billboard requests a complete schedule of upcoming games and events at the start of each team’s season.

5) Last-minute requests for coverage will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the availability of our reporters and scope of the news story.

Due to the high turnover rate and availability of our student reporters, adherence to the above policies does not necessarily guarantee coverage for all events. However, it will increase the likelihood that one of our staff members will cover the story. Please send all requests to

As our campus continues to grow, the staff of the Billboard wishes to serve the community to the best of our abilities. In addition to the new policies, the campus community can also assist our publication by submitting photos from events, infographics, items for our calendar, videos, and other content for publication on our website. Commentary on our performance is also very much appreciated by our staff as it helps us to improve our service for our readers.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email advisers Kimberly Maske-Mertz or Robin Herring.


The Wilson Billboard Staff