WellSpan Health’s 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge

By Luis Gonzalez 

The 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge is an annual challenge hosted by WellSpan Health.

The challenge started back in 2013 as a way to address issues related to overweight and obesity in South-Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. The goal, according to their website, has since been “to help rally co-workers and friends around a common cause – adding healthy choices to your daily life.” 

Now in its eighth year, the challenge continues to promote interactive ways to help participants change their eating habits while encouraging being active.

The challenge advises participants to lose one or two pounds per week by taking in fewer calories from food and drinks, burning more calories through physical activity, and following the healthy weekly tips provided by the challenge. 

Exercise photo taken by Ketut Subiyanto, provided by Pexels

Adults living in South-Central Pennsylvania are especially encouraged to participate, either as an individual or in a team. 

To participate in the challenge, individuals must register on www.10poundthrowdown.com, where they will gain access to weekly healthy living tips, tracking tools, progress charts, and a list of local community resources.

Each week, there will be a badge challenge where participants can earn a badge for reaching certain goals. Any participants who earn the weekly badge become eligible for the weekly raffle drawing where they can win various prizes. 

The badges are designed to “keep you on track throughout the Challenge and will help you focus not just on weight, but on the many healthy behaviors that can help you feel your best.”

In its first year, it was reported that over 1600 participants lost approximately 5836 pounds, with an average of 4000 to 6000 participants joining the challenge since then. 

Hector Pérez, a 60-year-old participant in last year’s challenge, claims that the challenge has helped his mental and physical health. Hector recollects, “I love the program. At my age it is extremely hard to get active and enjoy doing so. The program helps keep my mind and body active without boring me. I am thankful for that”

Hector also denotes that the challenge provides a good bonding experience for him and his family. He continues, “The throwdown program gives me a chance to form a team with my family. We’ve never won a badge but we’ve always had fun participating and find ourselves growing closer while keeping healthy because of it.”

This year, the challenge runs for 10 weeks, March 15th to May 24th, and registration is open anytime throughout the duration of the challenge.  

To register for the challenge, learn more about the challenge, and read helpful tips before starting the challenge, visit www.10poundthrowdown.com

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