Franklin County Vaccine Clinic to Soon Open

By Julia Roat 

As we face a full year fighting a virus that seems relentless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a vaccine. More vaccines are rolling out, such as the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, and now the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, creating more of a demand for healthcare workers to administer doses. In order to alleviate the stress on hospitals and drugstores, Franklin County commissioners have worked to find a solution. 

Late February 2021, the Franklin County commissioners announced a county-wide vaccine clinic. While the first announcement had few details, it did explain that the county will be providing a free vaccine clinic and free transportation for Franklin County residents.

Partnering with WellSpan health, the county intends to place a vaccine clinic in the former Burlington

Commissioner Chairman, Dave Keller, provided by Facebook

Coat Factory at the Chambersburg Mall. Commissioner Chairman, Dave Keller, explained that they wanted to choose a place that was central to the county and a place that was easy to get to. Another big factor in why the site was chosen is that the commissioners “wanted space with plenty of square footage,” Keller said.  

The vaccination site will not only offer a great deal of space for healthcare workers to administer vaccines while adhering to COVID-19 protocols, but by choosing a location inside of the mall there is a large amount of parking available too. The chosen site is right off of Interstate 81 and very accessible to residents of Franklin County. 

Keller also explained that the commissioners want to make sure that the county has one centralized location for vaccines and are looking to WellSpan as they continue to fight COVID-19. Using a space that so many people are familiar with will not only ensure that residents of Franklin County know where they are going to get their vaccine, but it creates familiarity in these difficult times.  

As well as opening a free clinic, the county is also working with Rabbittransit to provide free, county-wide transportation to the vaccine clinic. Residents of Franklin County can schedule transportation with Rabbittransit by calling 1-800-632- 9063.

Vaccine appointments are available through WellSpan and can be made by accessing or by calling WellSpan’s COVID-19 hotline at 1-855-851-3641. 

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