Underrated Musical Artists

As a person who listens to a lot of music practically all the time, there are quite a few musical artists that I listen to that not a lot of other people around me know about. I figured I would share some of the most underrated musical artists to me that I think my fellow music listeners would enjoy.  

Bea Miller Photo Provided by WikiCommons
Bea Miller
Photo Provided by WikiCommons

Bea Miller is an American singer/songwriter from New JerseyWhen Miller was 13 years old, she came in ninth place on season two of The X Factor US.Since then, Miller has released two fulllength albums, five EPs, and many singles. A few of my favorite songs of Miller’s include “feel something,” “THAT B—H,” “I Dare You,” “This Is Not an Apology,” “motherlove,” and “S.L.U.T.”. 

Broadside Performing
Broadside Performing
Photo By Hannah Middaugh

Broadside is a pop punk band from Virgina. They have released three albums since 2015.Some of my favorite songs of Broadside’s include Coffee Talk,” “Laps Around a Picture Frame,” “Tunnel Vision,” “I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting,” “Foolish Believer,” and The Raging Sea.”  This group are also amazing performers.  

Bruce Wiegner Photo Provided by Wiegner's Twitter
Bruce Wiegner
Photo Provided by Wiegner’s Twitter

Bruce Wiegner is a producer/singer/songwriter from Philadelphia.Wiegner started releasing music in 2019. Although Wiegner has no full-length albums or EPs released, he has released impressive singles. “Malicious,” “Idk,” and “Everybody Dies,” are a few of his singles that I enjoy.  \

Chapel Singer
Chapel’s singer, Carter Hardin
Photo By Hannah Middaugh

Chapel is an alternative pop duo from Georgia. Chapel started releasing music in 2016. They have released one full-length album and most recently released two new singles. A few of my favorite songs from Chapel are “Friends,” “Cindy White,” “Mushy Gushy,” and “We Got Soul.” This very talented duo are also great performers.  

Doll Skin Photo Provided by band's Twitter
Doll Skin
Photo Provided by Doll Skin’s Twitter

Doll Skin is an all-girl rock band from Arizona. Since 2016, they have released three full-length albums. Doll Skin pride themselves on being devote feminists and showing positive girl-power. “Shut Up (You Miss Me),” “Persephone,” “Mark My Words,” “Outta My Mind,” “Love Is Dead And We Killed Her,” and “Empty House” are some of my favorite songs by Doll Skin.  

Every Avenue Spotify
Every Avenue Spotify Artist Page
Screenshot by Hannah Middaugh

Every Avenue is a pop punk bang from Michigan that formed in 2003. They had three full-length albums, but after their third album, the band went on hiatus and remain on hiatus. Some of my favorite Every Avenue songs include “Fall Apart,” Mindset,” “Picture Perfect,” and “Time Me I’m A Wreck.” 

Icon For Hire Photo Provided by WikiCommons
Icon For Hire
Photo Provided by WikiCommons


Icon For Hire is rock band from Illinois that formed in 2007. Since 2011, this group released four full-length albums and many singles. They have many singles about mental health and what it is like working in the music industry. “Get Well,” “Iodine,” “Cynics & Critics,” “Nerves,” “Sorry About Your Parents,” and “Now You Know” are some of my favorite Icon For Hire songs.  

McFly is a British pop band that I found in the movie “Just My Luck” with Lindsay Lohan. I liked the band so much in the movie that I had to know if they were a real band, and luckily for me, they are. This very talented group of men formed in 2003 and are still going strong to this day. They even teamed up with pop punk group Busted to form McBusted, a mix of both bands, and released a full-length

Mcfly Spotify Page
McFly Spotify Artist Page
Screenshot by Hannah Middaugh

album. As of right now, McFly has nine full-length albums, ten if you include the McBusted album. They have a new album coming out November 13, 2020. I love all their songs. I feel like they just do not have a bad song. A few of my most favorite songs include, “Obviously,” “Five Colours In Her Hair,” “Broccoli,” “I’ll Be OK,” “Lies,” “Everybody Knows,” “Corrupted,” “Transylvania,” “Sorry’s Not Good Enough,” and “McFly The Musical. 

If you would like any more information on any of these musical artists, feel free to email me at hannah.middaugh@wilson.edu or click on the hyperlinks to view their websites.  



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