Volleyball Brings New Feel to the Season

The Wilson College Volleyball team hosted a tri-match at their home opener at Gannett Memorial Fieldhouse. While playing in the first match in the late morning, the lady Phoenix began by playing Albright College.

In the first set, the Phoenix handled Albright well and won by a score of 25-12. In the second set, the Phoenix continued their onslaught and won that set 25-13. Finally, in the last set, the lady Phoenix completed the game by winning 25-20.

In the first home opener of the season, Tioleauoauli Posilulai (TeePou) was a huge standout, leading the Phoenix with a career-high 21 kills in the victory.

“This game went really well, and we never gave up,” Posilulai ’22 said. “We hustled for every ball and started to gel.”

One other standout from the big win was lone senior Leslie Farnes’20. She mentioned that, “The games this weekend showed the drive and strength that the Wilson team is capable of.”

During the second matchup of the day, Wilkes University was in town also paying a visit to our Wilson Phoenix as the third team apart of the tri-match. In the first two sets, Wilkes took those victories by scores of 25-14 and 27-25. In the third set, though, Wilson rallied a comeback and took the win 26-24. Though, in the end, it would be the Colonels of Wilkes University capping off the fourth set and winning by a score of 25-20, giving them a win for the match 3-1.

Though the game turned out a loss for the Phoenix, Wilkes got a well-earned victory over the Phoenix in their second match, the team played very hard. For Wilson, the loss was more about the comradery and sticking together.

Another player on Wilson’s team, Madison Coy ‘22, added that, “In both games we had a lot of positive things happen but the part that stuck out to me was even after the loss, we still stuck together as one.”

One other important part of Wilson’s team that has had a positive influence on the team is new head coach. Coach Pennewill, a first-year head coach who was hired only a few weeks before the season, started her career off under Wilson in a great way so far.

“As a team we have gotten so close because of all the positive energy we have received from her,”  Coy mentioned.

Farnes, and sophomore captain, TeePou, also had good things to say.

“Coach Pennewill is everything this program has needed. Her love for volleyball and her players inspires us and we are extremely lucky to have her,” Farnes mentioned.

“She took the job at such short notice but I’ve seen a big change in our team,” TeePou said. “She really pushes us to be the best volleyball players we can be and to be even better teammates.”

The next match for Wilson’s volleyball team will be at home against St. Mary’s College of Maryland on September 25 at 7 o’clock, so be sure to check them out.

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