Walmart Goes Through Handgun Shenanigans

During the first week of September, America’s largest retailer announced that they will be reducing the gun and ammunition sales to customers due to the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas where twenty people were killed.

The shooting in El Paso was arguably known as one of the worst mass shootings that the country has seen so far. The shooting was treated as an act of terrorism. Several Democratic candidates have called to end the selling of guns in Walmart stores, in addition to teachers from The American Federation of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union.

As a result of this, Walmart CEO Doug Mcmillon stated that, “It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable.” Walmart agreed to stop selling hand-gun ammunition and “short-barrel riffle ammunition.” These types of ammo contain .223 and 5.56 caliber ammo that go into assault-style weapons. Walmart has admitted to completely selling out of the ammunition.

Walmart is once again attempting to balance customers who own guns with the safety of the store. According to CNN, Walmart represents just about two percent of the market for guns today. Walmart claims that they are not one of the top three gun sellers in our nation but CNN  proves that statement wrong by estimating that twenty percent of the market purchases ammunition from Walmart.

Despite Walmart being the center of many controversies between politicians and citizens on either side of the spectrum, Walmart has since changed their gun policies and stopped selling assault rifles after 2005, according to CNN. The CEO of the company also mentioned that, “We understand that heritage, that deeply rooted place in America and our influence as America’s largest retailer. And we understand the responsibility that comes with it.” Walmart has stopped selling handguns in every state but Alaska, who only sells guns to people who receive the “green light” after an efficient background check.

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