Do You Think You’re Ready?- Ready Or Not Movie Review

When many people think of their wedding night, it is  supposed to be a happy time spent with your spouse, but in Ready or Not things for newlyweds, Grace and her husband Alex Le Domas, take a slightly deadly turn.

Grace thinks she is marrying the man of her dreams at his luxurious family estate, but they have a dark past. The Le Domas family, who made money in the board game business, have a family tradition that on the wedding night of a family member everyone must play a game to welcome the new member of the family. Grace has to choose a game from an ancient wooden box to play with them, and when she chooses hide-and-seek, the evening takes a dark turn. It is a tradition that if someone draws the hide-and-seek card they must hunt down that person and kill them before sunrise or else the family will perish, or so legend says.

Although the movie is considered a horror movie, there are moments of comedy throughout the movie that break up all the devastating events. The movie did not have many moments that made the audience jump in fear, but there were many surprising plot twists and moments when the audience thought all hope was lost for the main character, Grace. In the end when the sun rises and the game is over, will the tradition be fulfilled and the Le Domas family be safe from ultimate destruction or will Grace survive past sunrise and be the end of the Le Domas family?

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