Jared Hirtz Steps Down as ResLife Director

On March 25, an all campus email was sent from Dean of Students Mary Beth Williams informing everyone that Jared Hirtz would be leaving Wilson College for good, to take on a full-time position with the Pennsylvania National Guard.
The email was most certainly shocking to several people, whether that be students, faculty, and even resident assistants on campus that saw Hirtz daily.
“I was very surprised because I knew he loved the national guard, but it was also surprising to see him step down and leave us,” Jarrett Rickerds ’20 said.
Dean Mary Beth took the loss of Hirtz deeply herself as she explains about missing Hirtz’s energy on campus.
“We are sad; I was pleased to have him full time and he will be missed. This is a true loss for Wilson,” the Dean said.
Most of the people on campus knew Hirtz as a nice person to approach and talk to on a daily basis, and someone who you could talk about anything with. Hirtz hosted a number of things as the director of Res Life to help campus thrive.
“He had great energy about him,” our Dean of Students mentioned, “He was constantly moving and I appreciated his enthusiasm.”
Rickerds explained that “Being accepted as a resident assistant and going through training makes you disciplined within the core values that he taught me.”
When asked about how Hirtz will be remembered, Rickerds explained, “He will be remembered as the calm, cool ResLife director that put his foot down when needed.”
In terms of hiring for a new ResLife director, Bethany Comp ’21 gave her take on how Hirtz’s impact effected Wilson.
“For the most part, Wilson does not understand how fair and understanding Jared was, so I think we should hire someone like him,” Comp said.
Comp also mentioned in what way she will always remember Hirtz.
“This semester when my roommate left Wilson, he allowed me to keep my room to myself and was understanding about what happened.”
The search for a new ResLife director has already started, and administration hopes to hire the director by the summer.
“We opened up the search when he announced he was leaving,” the Dean of Students stated, “We hope to have someone hired by June 3.”
The campus of Wilson was in awe and shock when they received emails about Jared Hirtz stepping down as director of housing, but he is on to a new chapter in his life. Even though he has moved on, Hirtz will be remembered by many students here at Wilson, and we should be happy for him.

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