Conor McGregor Accused

The famous Irish mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor, is currently under investigation in Dublin after an accusation of sexual assault was reported in December of last year. McGregor was arrested in January, questioned, and then released, all according to regular procedure in Ireland. Irish media have not been permitted to use McGregor’s name in any publications according to law as well and have thus far declined to make any statements.
This is not McGregor’s first interaction with the law, however. The professional sportsman has had a few altercations that have led to charges. These instances include disorderly conduct for throwing a dolley at a bus, which he pled guilty to, a brawl he took place in that resulted in him being suspended from fighting in the UFC as well as receiving a fine, and a charge of robbery and criminal mischief for stealing someone’s phone when they were trying to take a photo of him.
Interestingly, the story only caught ground around the time McGregor announced his official retirement from the UFC via Twitter. Multiple sources, including his publicist Karen J. Kessler, have stated that the two events are not linked in any way. Kessler released a statement that included the assumption that she was surprised the story only caught ground now, when the original allegation occurred in December.
John Sollenberger ’21, an avid fan of McGregor, has stated, “One should always be sympathetic to a victim no matter the crime they report, but without evidence to prove the case there is nothing to go on.”
With facts that have been released suggest McGregor is a leading suspect in the investigation, but until a charge is placed on the UFC fighter, he is free to go about his life. Whether another arrest along with retirement will finally mark the end of McGregor’s rebellious streak is unclear at this time, as McGregor himself has not said anything about the allegation. He only announced his retirement and offered to buy his fellow retirees drinks from his own brand of whiskey, Proper No.12.

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