Double Identity Release New Single

Pop/rock band from Chicago, Double Identity, released their new single, “Everything Reminds Me Of You (ERMOY)” on April 5, debuting a new sound for their sophomore EP, coming soon.
According to the band’s press release, “‘Everything Reminds Me of You’ sees the band leaning a bit more towards the pop genre. The song is an upbeat, feisty approach to exploring the struggles and conflicting feelings that comes along with breaking up with someone and how those feelings are rarely black and white. Every time you think you have finally put the relationship behind you, there’s one more thing that reminds you of it.”
Double Identity, formed in 2010 by now 19-year old twin sisters Courtney and Arden Kurhayez, have been performing around the Chicago area for a few years now. Notable appearances include the Navy Pier, Arlington Park Racetrack, and the Illinois State Fair, as well as at various festivals. With Courtney on drums and vocals and Arden on guitar and vocals, this dynamic duo write fun, up-beat, relatable songs.
Arden commented, “I was very confused at the time that I started writing ERMOY. I was questioning the relationship I was in at the time, and I used ERMOY as a way of figuring out what I should do. Overall, the song came together over a few months and is a testament to all of the mixed feelings I had before, during, and after the break up,” on the motivation to writing “Everything Reminds Me Of You”.
When asked if their new EP would be more pop than pop-punk, Courtney commented, “It’s not completely written yet, but so far it’s shaping up to be a mix of both pop and pop-punk. ‘Everything Reminds Me of You,’ this first single, is more pop. Another song that we have written and actually now play live is called ‘Never Wanted Us,’ and that vibe is more pop-punk. When we write songs we don’t really write with a genre in mind.”
Arden also stated, “I always struggle to box any of our songs into a genre, but I agree with Courtney that there’s a range of sound on the next EP, and I think it’s going to be more dynamic than our debut EP. ERMOY is a lot more pop in its production, and I think there’s definitely room for more pop songs on the EP, but moving forward, I really want to explore the edge that we touched on with the Small Talk EP.”
As for inspiration for sitting down to write the new EP, Arden said, “We’ve grown as songwriters and individuals since we wrote the songs on the ‘Small Talk EP’ and I’m really excited to be able to show that growth with new songs this year. I’ve always liked writing stories, and we definitely have more to say about life and relationships moving forward, so as of right now, that’s the direction I see this next EP going.”
Courtney also commented saying, “All of the songs on our ‘Small Talk’ EP had been written and completed long before the recording process, but there’s only one song on our next EP that we’ve had completely finished for a long time now. The rest of the songs will be about things that we’ve experienced since we stopped writing for ‘Small Talk,’ as well as finishing up some works in progress that we’ve been workshopping for a while.”
Arden and Courtney also attend college while working on their musical dream. Courtney stated, “Arden and I are both in our sophomore year of college right now, so it’s definitely hard to balance being a full-time student, having a part-time job, and all the other craziness that goes on in life on top of trying to work on our music career. It’s mostly about using whatever free time we have left writing songs, and then spending the breaks we have from school in the recording studio.”
“It’s stressful trying to balance everything (the key word being trying), but I’ve found that I need the distractions and experiences that come along with life outside of the band and the industry in order to do my best work within the band. So, as hard as it might be sometimes, it’s definitely worth it!”, stated Arden on balancing college with music.
To learn more about Double Identity, follow them on Twitter at @doubleidentity_ and find them on Spotify at Double Identity Band.

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