Wilson to Offer Trip to Greece Over J-Term 2020

The trip to Greece is a 3-credit study abroad opportunity being hosted by Dr. Bonnie Rock-McCutcheon over J-Term 2020.
This trip can count for an art history credit and will have students visiting and interacting with landmarks around Greece.
The trip will run for 9 days, from January 17-26, and will help students learn about Greek art and archeology by visiting archaeological sites and examining the ancient artifacts that reside within.
With the help of experienced experts, students will also gain experience navigating a foreign country, enjoy Greek culture, and acquire an international perspective on the world.
Full trip schedule (Provided by Dr. Rock-McCutcheon)
Day 1) Meet at Wilson College, drive to the airport, and get on a plane to Greece.
Day 2) Tour of Agora and Temple of Zeus.
Day 3) Spend the day in Athens and visit the Acropolis Museum.
Day 4) Leave Athens, stop at Corinth, Acrocorinth, and Isthmia.
Day 5) Visit Epidaurus, home to the Sanctuary of Asclepios and one of the most impressive theaters in the world.
Day 6) Visit Olympia, home of the Olympic Games
Day 7) Visit Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo
Day 8) Back to Athens. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Sounion
Day 9) Get on a plane to return to the U.S.
Costs (Provided by Dr. Rock-McCutcheon)
•Travel $3,500
•J-Term tuition and fees: around $1200
•Textbooks $70
•Lunches and other miscellaneous expenses
Alumni & Community
•Travel $4000
Faculty, Staff, Recent Alumni
•Travel $3500
For more information regarding the trip, questions about applying to go on the trip, deadlines, or scholarship options presented from the trip, please contact brock@wilson.edu

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