International Student Thoughts About Wilson

Nathan Yeom 22’ is an international student who is from South Korea. It has been two weeks since he has arrived at Wilson. Let’s discuss what he thinks about Wilson.

Q) What was your first impression of Wilson?

Yeom: Wilson’s campus was very small. It was friendly, though, because all of things are a very homey atmosphere. The people who I met, for example Crystal Lantz, and Professor Mary Beth treated me well. I felt they always were ready to understand students and have been prepared for socializing with students. Since I am a freshman, I have not gotten enough much experience for college, yet. I think it is a pretty good start for me.

Q) What do you think Wilson’s good points are?

Yeom: One good thing of Wilson is that it is well equipped for exercising. The Field Hockey field is available to anyone and there are many sports facilities on the campus. There is also a gym and it seems well equipped.

Q) I heard you have experienced other colleges. What is the difference between Wilson and the other college that you have studied at?

Yeom: Yes, I have. My first college was in Singapore. They are kind of cynical. I had a feeling that people were just public relationships not private affairs. It was lonely and boring.

Q) How about the professors that you met?

Yeom: I have a total five professors this semester and they are good. They are all passionate to teach us. Therefore, I could easily get into the office hours and see the professors, so that I can talk about my struggles. It’s different from Singapore.

Q) Would you recommend Wilson to other international students?

Yeom: Yes. Actually, I’m not sure, yet. I don’t think I’ve done as many activities as I recommend. Wilson is good for international students. Even though it has only been two weeks since I came here. Everyone I have met are all good and nice. I think if students who may want to come to Wilson have some abilities to socialize with people, they can be a part of Wilson.

Q) Which of the school facilities did you like?

Yeom: I think that the dining hall is pretty good. They have a different menu every day. The most interesting thing was they have a made-to-order station where they cook food specifically to what a student wants. I feel like they care about students’ meals and that they are trying to improve students’ satisfaction with the dining hall. That was impressive.

Q) What is your favorite class this semester?

Yeom: My favorite is First Year Seminar because I like to talk. I feel like I am communicating better with people when I am in this class. I do not like reading, but to prepare for the class, you need to read the required assignments. That way you can participate in the class discussion. I like the class because it forces me to read.

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