Gamers Club Hosts Ping-Pong and Pool Tournament

A Ping Pong and Pool Tournament was hosted by the Gamer’s Club in Lower Lenfest on Fri., Feb. 8th at 7:30p.m.. There were four teams of two in ping pong and six teams of two in pool. Many students competed in a pleasant atmosphere. The winners were presented with gift card prizes, and all participants ate pizza together. Everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Here are the rules of both ping pong and pool:

Ping-Pong Players

The rules of ping pong have changed with the score of all table tennis games from eleven points from twenty-one points as of Sept. 2001. When you reach ten to ten, you will be at a ‘duce’, and you have to win by two points.  The games were generally determined by best three out of five.

Pool is a game of putting a ball on the table into six pockets. If you finally put the eighth black ball into the pocket, you will become the winner. One team plays the color balls numbered 1-7, and the other team plays the striped balls numbered 9-15. Your team or other team put all the balls in the triangle frame and hit them by a white ball. And then, if you put your ball in the pockets, you can keep hitting a ball again, and if you do not put the ball in, the other team has a chance. If you put a white ball in, the other team can put a white ball in a position where they want. If you put a black ball in before you put all your balls in, you lose the game.

It is fun to just play, but if you know the rules, it will be more fun to play. If you do not know the rules, play the game according to the rules!

Congratulations to everyone who won, and all the participants, good work!

<Ping Pong>

1st place: KOG (Aaron Hoke & Oliver Perry)

2nd place: Bacon Egg (Max Little & Dereck Ivey)

3rd place: Scrubs (Daniel Perry & Ian Firestone)


1st place: Scrubs (Daniel Perry & Ian Firestone)

2nd place: Potato Kangaroos (Orla Higgins & Joshua Harvey)

3rd place: 2US (Victor Celleri & Dawson Zalegowski)

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