Local Teen Pleads Guilty

A teen once waiting for a trial date and time in court, came out and pleaded guilty to a murder in the town of Chambersburg. Adiel Frometa-Sanchez, who is a 19-year-old native from the local town of Chambersburg, pleaded guilty of stabbing Anthony Alfredo-Hernandez in November of 2016. Frometa-Sanchez entered the pleas on Jan. 22 and now waits for his sentence in March, which according to The Herald, could be a sentence of life and 47 years in prison, according to court records.

After Alfredo-Hernandez was brutally stabbed, Frometa-Sanchez drove the stolen pickup truck of Hernandez and drove it to the fast food restaurant Burger King. Later that day, Hernandez was found dead behind a house located on fourth street in Chambersburg. As stated in the court records, though, Frometa-Sanchez entered an open plea, which means that the decision is all upon the court to decide what kind of punishment, or sentence, that Frometa-Sanchez will receive. This also means that the suspect has time to think about what his punishment will be, because ultimately the decision is not in the hands of Frometa-Sanchez, but he did not agree to his punishment right away. The former supervisor of Frometa-Sanchez worked with Pennsylvania State Police to try and confirm that Sanchez had been recently involved in a murder. The supervisor then told police that he saw blood on a vehicle.

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