2017 WCGA Election Elicits Student Interest

From April 18-21, the Wilson College Governance Association (WCGA) hosted an election for the Fall 2017 Executive Officers, including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Justice, Constitution and By-laws Chairperson, and Academic Affairs Chairperson. Voting was open for all students.

WCGA, under control of president Cody Dunlap ‘18 and advisor Dean of Students Mary Beth Williams, plays an important role at Wilson through governing the college’s development and acting as a bridge between students, staff, and faculty. In addition, WCGA takes direct responsibility from funding to operation for clubs and organizations at Wilson College to ensure that every group works in the right direction.

This year, the election aims to extend its operation by enhancing several positions for executive officers. For a majority of this school year, WCGA has worked with only two officers, Dunlap as President and Kirstin Lehman ’18 as Vice President. This change gives opportunity for Wilson members to gain experience with working with an organization. When asked about the reason to run for WCGA, Laury Jean Baptiste ’20, one of four candidates for the Treasurer position, shared, “I saw some clubs at Wilson, because of limitations on funding, cannot completely achieve their plans. That is why I want to participate in the WCGA, particularly in this position, to assist Wilson organizations to facilitate financial burdens. I also tried with this kind of work in high school, so hopefully I may get in.”

The eagerness of WCGA candidates in the election promises a big progress of the organizations next Fall with new young and enthusiastic officers. For further information about WCGA as well as the election, do not hesitate to contact them at wcga@wilson.edu.

President: Elijah Lowe
Photo provided by Elijah Lowe
Vice President: Kirstin Lehman
Photo provided by Kirstin Lehman













Secretary: Cherish Brown
Photo provided by Cherish Brown













Chief Justice: Cody Dunlap
Photo by Kirsten Bilger
Academic Affairs: Carson Tagner
Photo provided by Wilson College Athletics

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