San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting

At North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, Karen Smith was in the middle of teaching her classroom full of  special needs children when her estranged husband, Cedric Anderson, walked in and fired his gun first at Smith, and then at himself.

San Bernardino, Calif. Flag
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While children were not thought to be the target of the attack, two students who were standing near Smith were hit by gunshots. Jonathon Martinez, 8 years old, died after being rushed to the hospital. Another male student, age 9, is in stable condition after sustaining injuries.

Anderson entered the school through the front campus, stopping by the front office to check in before being allowed to enter.

According to KTLA, a local California news outlet, “San Bernardino Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan… noted that it’s not uncommon for a spouse to come onto campus and request to drop something off with a teacher, which is what Anderson did.”

While police were on the scene quickly after receiving the call about an active shooter, both Smith and Anderson were dead before the police arrived.

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