Muhibbah Performance: Around the World in One Night

The Muhibbah Club will host the annual Muhibbah Night Dinner and Performance at Wilson College on Saturdy, March 4. The event is an effort made by twenty international students to represent their home countries through traditional dances, cuisines, and customs.

The evening will begin with dinner in the Jensen Dining Hall at 6 p.m. Food from different countries will be served as an international cuisine show. Guests will have the opportunity to taste main courses such as empanadas from Argentina, pho from Vietnam, palava stew from Ghana, and dessert crepes and eclairs from France.

The performance in Laird Hall, following the dinner at 7:30 p.m., is the most anticipated part of Muhibbah Night. International students at Wilson College will bring their countries’ traditional performances to the Laird stage.

Muhibbah rehearsal in Appenzellar Buchanan Dance Studio
Photo by Tram Ho

For example, two freshmen, Elsa Tabaku ‘20 from Albania and Laury JeanBaptiste ’20 from Haiti, will perform the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling in two languages, Albanian and English. Meanwhile, Anna Harutyunyan ’17, Pratikshya Gaihre ’20, and Amisha S. Rijal ‘19 will heat up the stage with an Indian classical dance, “Oriental Passion.” Last but not least, Muhibbah Club members will present a fashion show, which introduces national clothing from their countries.

Over the years, international students have brought their own cultures to promote diversity on campus. The event is a wonderful opportunity for them to introduce a piece of home to their international friends.

Sue Michalski, a Chambersburg resident, a past Muhibbah event guest, shares, “I have been going to Muhibbah for many years, but I always learn something new such as the location, language or customs of a country. I think it’s wonderful to have so many international students at Wilson, and therefore in Chambersburg, to open the eyes and hearts of the local conservative population. I believe that the more we learn about people from other countries and cultures, the less fear and xenophobia there will be.”

Perhaps tickets to Muhibbah night are the most powerful passports, by allowing guests to discover different cultures from around the world.

Do not hesitate to visit the Muhibbah show if passionate about exploring global cultures. Tickets are free for Wilson students and $10 for community members, faculty, and staff. Please RSVP to

The Muhibbah Club will donate a portion of the proceeds to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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