Phoenix Leadership Program Celebrates Second Year

The Phoenix Leadership Program began its second year this semester. This program gives students the opportunity to learn about the qualities that are highly valued in the work force. This semester, the program started on Feb. 10 and will end May 5. Students will go through different sessions, each one discussing a different quality that employers look for in employees.

During the course of this program, students will cover lessons such as what is considered leadership, overcoming negativity, communication, goal-setting, challenging the process, and ethics. Each session lasts 50 minutes and covers the main points in each lesson. The first lesson, leadership, covers the basics of leadership qualities.

When the session of overcoming negativity comes around, students will learn how to take a bad situation and make it into something good. With communication, it is important to know that work cannot be done properly without good communication. Communicating with fellow co-workers will ensure a positive work environment.

Finally, students will learn how to challenge any processes that come along and how to conduct themselves in an environment with others who have different backgrounds.

As a leader, individuals take responsibility over others and accomplish tasks. Another aspect of leadership is the ability to overcome obstacles in the work force. A leader must remain positive, talk with everyone in the office, set smart and realistic goals and stay on good terms with everyone in the office despite differences. These lessons will teach students how to be successful and productive leaders.

Upon completion of this program, students will be certified declaring them Wilson Phoenix Leaders. With the knowledge that students receive and the certificate to prove their participation, students will have more to add to their resumes when applying for jobs, making them more competitive in the career market.

For more information on the leadership program, contact Linda Boeckman, Director of Career Development at

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