New Things Soon to Come for Wilson College

By Kirsten Bilger

Photo by Kirsten Bilger
Photo by Kirsten Bilger

Wilson has seen many changes through the years, especially this past year. Parking lots were redone, the main entrance to Wilson has been upgraded, the road has been made into two lanes instead of one way, and the road behind Lenfest to Riddle has been repaved so there are no potholes. These changes were the beginning with more to come. The continuing changes to our campus will help Wilson to evolve. But what will change next?

According to Brian Ecker, Vice President of Financial Administration, lighting improvements are the next project. The college will work with the Borough of Chambersburg to improve lighting along Route 11. This project will be part of the Streetscape and Pedestrian Safety Initiative with the soul of improving campus and community safety. A tentative start date for the project is slated sometime in late fall 2016 or spring 2017. Along with this project, fencing installation will start in spring 2017. The fence will start at the new college entrance and will follow along Route 11 which will help ensure campus safety.

There are plans for more upgrades to college property. Ecker states, “We are beginning to evaluate improvements/updates to the Veterinary Medical Center.” The project may not begin for another year or so. As of now, Wilson College is studying options that benefit the VMT program and college officials expect to have a plan by May 2017.

Wilson will continue to grow and evolve as time goes on. Improvements to the campus will continue to ensure the best for the college. At this time, there are no other projects that are planned, but more expected in the future.

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