Town Hall Meeting Discusses Role of Fulton Center

By Tram Ho

Photo by Tram Ho
Photo by Tram Ho

The Fulton Center for Sustainability Studies held a Town Hall Meeting on Oct. 24 in Laird Hall to discuss the future of the farm on campus.

Christine Mayer, Director of the Fulton Center/Fulton Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), hosted the meeting with the participation of Wilson students, staff, professors and CSA members, individuals who pay to receive shares from Fulton Farm’s produce.

The Fulton Farm staff put four sheets of paper in corners of the meeting hall. Each sheet contained a topic for visitors to contribute their own idea of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Fulton Center.

Participants gathered to discuss the big question: “What role should the Fulton Center at Wilson College fulfill within our community?” People posed several questions and ideas that considered the connection between Fulton Farm and Wilson College, funding and steps of food production, membership plans, and land management.

Mayer summarized several questions and issues posed in the meeting and decided to divide the meeting hall to three groups with three issues: production and education relations, the role of students, and the role of the community in the Fulton Farm. The Fulton Center will release results of the three group discussions in a few weeks.

For any questions about the Town Hall Meeting, Fulton Center or Fulton Farm CSA, please contact Christine Mayer.

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