Invasion of the Odds

Another year, another Sarah Wilson Week, another Odd class. This year the freshmen class dominated the week with the sheer amount of participation. In the days leading up to the infamous week, the dining hall was alive with the buzz of Buddies, Bigs, and Littles. Resident Assistants, fielding questions, tested their knowledge of where every freshman lives, and freshmen pestering upperclassmen withquestions about clues, riddles, and rhymes.

On Monday Sep. 7, the week began with the Odd tradition of the Color Ceremony on Monday September 7th where the freshmen class was presented with the Odd banner passed down from the Seniors of the previously graduated class. Unlike previous years when the more mild tradition was met with few students, this year the juniors had to help organize the freshmen so the seniors could blend among the crowd. The candles were laid out and the banner passed to the class and freshmen hung around the green discussing events for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, Sophomore Buddies were revealed to the freshmen featuring silly costumes, random dancing, the flash of photography, and the playful rivalry between Evens and Odds. Throughout the day, freshmen were reminded to leave phones in plastic bags, bring no valuables, and to be sitting in their rooms by 9 pm. By 9:15 a large crowd gathered and were led by Sophomore Song Leader, Kari Lehman around campus, serenading Campus Safety at Lenfest, Commons, Student Affairs at

Junior Class with their Littles Photo provided by Celia Whitcomb

Junior Class with their Littles

Photo provided by Celia Whitcomb

Chaplain House, and ending with the Seniors in front of South and Riddle Halls. Once the singing task had concluded, students were met with a surprise from the Evens which lead to a very loud Song War. The Evens finished the night with a slip-and-slide which was enjoyed by all.

Finally, much to the excitement of the students, it was Bigs and Littles Day, Junior class members reveal themselves to their adopted siblings in the freshmen class. Everywhere you looked red and black, pirates and glitter, and candy and notes were being carried around as students struggled to complete their tasks to find their Bigs. Soon everyone was celebrating and anticipating the evening’s activities. As before, freshmen waited in their rooms to be “kidnapped” by their Bigs and brought to a secret location. Here they were to be inducted into the long standing traditions of Wilson and officially dinked (Dinks are the funny newsboy caps that pop up every so often during traditions)! As the freshmen returned to campus, they encountered the seniors who good naturedly began a Song War. The Littles returned to campus for a surprise the Even sophomores left for them in their residence hall.

With all of the week’s secrets revealed, the week concluded with banner stealing among the classes, Evens versus Odds. Emotions ran high as freshmen learned the game, and students were out until the early hours of the morning (much to their professors’ dismay). The Odds won the banner stealing competition with a score of Odds 2:Evens 1. The last events were Twin Day on Friday and Color Wars on the Green.

Freshman Michael Martin ’19 was running around through out most of banner stealing, “I loved banner stealing it was unique!” Freshman Aaron Hoke ’19, while laughing, said “I would have changed cleaning up after the sophomores!” All in all, students who participated seemed to have enjoyed the week.

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