Parking Woes

Parking has become an issue on campus due to the influx of students. Residents, commuters, faculty, and staff alike find the lack of spaces frustrating.

Wilson College has a parking committee to oversee parking regulations and policy. However, Sherri Ihle-Sadowski, Director of Residence Life and member of the parking committee, mentions that while the committee reviews policy each year, they do not have final say. Maintenance of roads and parking spaces falls under Physical Plant.

Road construction done around the Hankey Center was donated. However, Sadowski says that the committee does not have enough funds to repave the entire campus. Funds are accumulated through fines resulting from parking violations.

There is a place for student representatives on the committee, but attendance has been spotty and the position has at times been unfulfilled.

Parking policy is determined by answers taken from student surveys. Past surveys have determined that 5-7 people search for spots at any given time, car owners move from their spots on average of 0-1 time per day, and 1/3 car owners move their car 2-3 times per day.

It was found that residential students, when they did move their vehicles, moved to run errands, go home, moved to different areas on campus, went to off-campus jobs or social events.

Moving to different areas on campus included athletics, equestrian lessons, avoiding walking in the dark, avoiding inclement weather, or avoiding carrying things across campus.

The parking regulations page on the Wilson website states, “Wilson College, as a residential community, is a walking campus. Residential, administrative, and academic buildings are within a 10-minute walk of each other and the outlying equine and athletic areas are a quick bike ride.”

Dr. Lisa Woolley of the English/Communications Department says she does not mind walking across campus but knows that there are some people who have to carry things and would benefit from closer parking spots.

Travis Horton ’17, says that he gets to campus early so he does not have to compete for parking. However, he wishes that there was a more centralized lot closer to the main buildings.

To reduce parking issues it is important to recognize when a car is necessary. The parking regulation website states, “recognizing the role of vehicle use as part of Wilson’s dedication to supporting environmental sustainability, we encourage all members of our community to assess their need for a vehicle on campus and to participate in alternative transportation methods.”

Bikes are available to rent at the Wilson Security desk in Upper Lenfest Commons. Wlaking is also good exercise and helps support environmental sustainability. Wilson also provides a shuttle service once a week to go to the nearby outlets and once a month to go to the Hagerstown Shopping Center.

If you wish to be part of the parking committee as a student representative or have any questions concerning parking policy, you can contact Sherri Ihle-Sadowski at or Security at or call 717-372-2255.

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