Harry Potter Fan Dreams Come True: Quidditch on Campus

So the rumors are true. Quidditch has come to Hogwar… umm, Wilson College.

J.K. Rowling’s fictional game of Quidditch has enchanted the minds of young (and old) readers in her Harry Potter book series. Thanks to Chaplain Emily Morgan, muggle Quidditch may become a reality on Wilson Campus.

When asked what inspired her to support a muggle Quidditch team, Morgan said she was listening to orientation leaders and resident assistants talking about Harry Potter and muggle Quidditch during Wilson College’s new student orientation at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester. “I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and I have never felt so accepted than coming onto Wilson campus,” says Morgan.

Students have given positive feedback about the idea and constantly ask Morgan if the team will still be in place. “People throw out ideas all the time and whether we actually run with them is a different question. There’s been enough energy around this that I’m really excited to actually do it,” Morgan reassures.

There is a muggle Quidditch league where teams can compete against each other. In this league teams play on brooms and wear uniforms. Since the equipment is expensive Morgan wants to try playing outside the league and compete against local colleges for fun.

The concept of muggle Quidditch is generally the same as wizard Quidditch, minus team members flying on brooms and trying to dodge magicked sports equipment. The team consists of a Keeper, who acts as a goalie for three hoops that are suspended at different heights; three Chasers who try to get the Quaffle ( a deflated volleyball) through the hoops; two Beaters who try and aim bludgers (dodge balls) at players; and a Seeker who tries to find the golden snitch to end the period.

The newest team member is the golden snitch. Since muggles do not have the capabilities to send a flying orb around the Quidditch pitch for the seekers to chase, it has been replaced by a person wearing yellow. The job of the snitch is to avoid having tags ripped off of a belt by the seekers to end the period.

The team needs at least fifteen people to play in order to practice. In order to identify which team each player is on, they will be required to wear a certain color. Morgan also hopes to play an even versus odds game in the future.

Chaplain Emily will hold an interest meeting for members on October 1, 2015 in the dining hall. If you are unable to make the meeting you can contact Chaplain Emily Morgan at chaplain@wilson.edu.

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