Wilson BSN Program: Nursing Program Expands

Some are aware that Wilson College hosts a nursing program that allows people to acquire their bachelor’s degree in nursing. The program is currently changing curriculum requirements and adding new potential minors to coincide with courses that are needed for their primary major.

The proposed changes will decrease confusion for potential students in designing their course scheduling and provide more flexibility to allow for individual needs. Despite the changes, the curriculum will still be set up for students to obtain a minor in biology. Assessment goals and learning outcomes will also remain the same. Most of the changes made to the curriculum are to promote consistency within the field of study. New courses and new requirements are other primary change.

Instead of having a choice of concentrations, students will now be required to have a minor in at least one of the following areas: biology, business, communications, exercise and sports science, psychology, or religious studies. Each minor promotes familiarity in certain fields and would be important based on where an individual would like to be employed. Requiring minors in fields of study will also help students increase their desirability to potential employers.

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