The Bottom Shelf Review is Now Recruiting!

The Bottom Shelf Review has been a part of Wilson College since 1979. Students, faculty, staff, administration and their families are invited to submit their work every year.

This year, the Bottom Shelf Review is looking for people interested in submitting work or joining the club.

“Joining the staff of the Bottom Shelf Review comes with many benefits, both personal and professional. Whether a student¬†takes on a roll as an editor or graphic designer, they not only gain valuable skills that they will use later in their chosen careers but also experience in publishing that they can add to their resum√©,” Kimberly Maske-Mertz, Bottom Shelf Review Adviser said.

When it comes to submitting a piece of writing, Maske-Mertz added, “There is a certain level of pride that comes with seeing one’s creative work published for the world to see.”

Any type of writing from poems to short fiction can be submitted for publication. However, pieces that are derogatory, offensive or obscene will not be considered.

Currently, the staff publishes the Bottom Shelf Review yearly, but in the future members hope to make it a quarterly magazine. Themed issues, such as romance or sci-fi, are also being considered.

“I would love to incorporate a thematic element to the Bottom Shelf Review as we see with other online publications and even offer special contests and prizes every so often to our submitting authors,” said Maske-Mertz.

When it comes to the club work is expected to be light. There will be a team of members editing, designing or both, so each member will not be stuck in one position. Multiple members means more help and faster completion.

The Bottom Shelf Review is great experience for future publishers, website designers and many other careers. If someone simply enjoys reading or working with computers, the club is also something to consider.

“I feel that with the overall growth and interest in student media at Wilson, the Bottom Shelf Review is in prime position to gain greater recognition not only within the Wilson community but also in the literary world,” said Maske-Mertz.

If you are interested in submitting your work to the Bottom Shelf Review, email For any questions or interest in joining the club, email the current Editor-in-Chief at

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