A Successful Career and Life

Wilson College had two special guest speakers Friday, Nov. 7 James E. Hamerstone and Lindsay Musser-Hough, authors of the book A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life, visited Wilson to talk to students about the required steps for success.

Even though women earn more degrees than men, they are underrepresented in leadership roles.

“There are certain stylistic things that women have that man don’t, and that seems to get in the way of reaching their goals,” explained Hamerstone.

Some of these differences include the feeling of a need to apologize for something. Women seem to apologize more than men do.

There are different “frameworks for success” discussed in the book that can be used by both men and women.

“The frameworks are connected but they can stand alone,” said Hamerstone.

The frameworks in their book include, building a brand, communication skills, and negotiations skills.

“Building a personal brand is important,” stated Hough. “You need to tell people what differentiates you from others what makes you stand out.”

Communication skills represent how well you can communicate with others while working in groups. Communication also means how well you are able to express your need and wants as well as your problems and possible solutions. These skills are important for the job interviews process.

Negotiation skills help you get to where you want to go and what you need. These skills are useful when asking for a raise or a better position. Even negotiating for better grades is a useful skill.

“These are skills you need to build and things you need to consider,” said Hough.

Even though the title of the book is A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life, the message delivered by Hamerstone and Musser-Hough was meant for both men and women.

These authors had advice for everyone. Their book was given to each student that attended. It outlines an easy path to a successful career and life.

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