On Trying Turkey

Hi folks! I would like to talk to you about Thanksgiving and picky eating. I know many of you celebrate this holiday, but how many of you are picky eaters and have never tried turkey?

Turkey is a part of our Thanksgiving feast and, believe it or not, this will be my first year trying it! Mom says I am a picky eater because there are very few foods I will eat, and I do not like trying new things. A couple years ago I decided to start trying something new each Thanksgiving. I tried pumpkin pie, and I liked it. I tried mashed potatoes last year and liked those too (but I still prefer them as French fries!). This year, I’ve decided it’s time to try turkey. Are there any Thanksgiving foods that you haven’t tried yet that you would like to try this year? I get excited about the thought of trying new foods, but then get nervous when it’s time. Does this happen to you?

Last year we stayed on campus and spent Thanksgiving with some friends. We’re going to do the same thing this year. Since I like pumpkin pie, I usually help my mom make that.  We all help make the apple pie. This year I asked if I could help make the turkey as well.  One of our friends made the turkey last year, but she said we could make it this year since I really want to make it and then try it. I’m not as nervous trying new foods when I have helped prepare them. If you get nervous too, maybe you could give it a whirl and help make something you want to try.

I’m excited to try turkey soon and will let you know how it goes! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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