Getting Outside Isn’t Just for the Dogs!

By Kelly Shank

We all love our pets. One of the ways many people stay active is through interacting and spending time with their pets. As the weather is beginning to warm and we head into spring, many dog owners will be excited for the opportunity to spend quality time outside with their pets. Depending on the energy level of your furry friend you may be wondering what kinds of activities you can do. As the winter weather is soon to be behind us it is a great time to begin planning enriching activities with your dog! My dog personally loves to go on adventure; if there are new sights to see he is all for it. Here are some ideas for you to spend quality time with your dog. Just be sure when visiting a new location to ensure that the area is dog friendly, your pet is leashed if needed, and you are able to clean up after your dog. It is important to stay responsible in public areas to ensure future pets will get to spend time there as well. Be sure if your dog is active and outside to remember to bring water and food as needed.

Hiking with your Dog

Chambersburg is a wonderful area with many places to take your dog on an adventure! According to the American Kennel Club, hiking is both an enrichment for you and your dog. Caledonia State Park, located right outside of Chambersburg, has many trails that vary in length. Depending on the energy level of your dog, you can explore the any of the trails that the park offers. The Appalachian Trail also runs near Franklin County so there are many segments that can be explored.

Take your Dog to a Park

Chambersburg and the surrounding areas have many different parks. Even short walks are enriching for your dog. And they might make a few friends along the way! They might also find some squirrels to chase as well. There are several dog friendly parks in Chambersburg. Some even have sections designated as dog parks. It is also good to change scenery and experience new places!

Starbucks Run with your Dog

If you’re in the mood for caffeine or you enjoy Starbucks products, your special Starbucks run can’t be complete without a pup cup! Just be sure to only give pup cups occasionally as a treat. Too many and they might develop a Starbucks addiction!

Take your Dog on a Car Ride

Some dogs enjoy car rides, so the perfect way to take your dog on an adventure is a going for a drive! That food run can be more exciting if you bring your dog! Some drive through businesses will even offer a treat for your four-legged pal.

Play Fetch

If your dog likes to fetch, this is the perfect way to keep active! It also is fun for your dog as well, as they can learn something new!

Take Your Dog to See Their Friends

Another great way to keep your dog active is to ensure that they also have social time for their friends as well. If your dog is spending time with other dogs, it will allow them to have fun and burn some energy too!



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