Academic Success Center out of Quarantine

Over the past year we have experienced a lot of change as a college. We have gone from in-person classes to strictly online classes to hybrid classes all very quickly. With changes to how we operate classes also comes changes to things like the academic success center.
One of the features that the academic success center has added to their resources page is a remote learning resource center. This allows students a place to get tips on remote learning. It includes tips for studying in a remote learning environment, and how to stay organized with synchronous and asynchronous classes.
Their resources page also features subject specific tips and tricks, as well as general advice for things like testing anxiety and note taking. The academic success center provides pdf files and videos to help students succeed. They have videos and study tips for subjects like math, biology, and even nursing.

Student Studying, photo provided by Paul Timothy Kimrey via Flickr

For students that need one-on-one time, tutoring is available. Tutors are available for almost every subject at Wilson College. The academic success center schedule explains when different tutors are available to students. Tutoring through the academic success center is free. It is included in tuition and is highly encouraged. As of right now, tutoring is available on Zoom and on campus with social distancing. Schedule a tutoring appointment is easy. All you have to do is go to the academic success center’s scheduling page and make an appointment with the appropriate tutor and show up.
The academic success center is also responsible for getting students accommodations. Whether you have a documented disability or a broken ankle, the academic success center is the place to go to get some help, if needed. While accommodations are made through the academic success center, accommodations are not limited to just academic accommodations. Accommodations can also be made for things like residential housing or temporary disabilities like injuries. Academic accommodations may include things like extended testing time, extended due dates, alternate testing centers, and even note taking. Accommodations are made on a case by case basis and all students looking for accommodations should go through the academic success center’s process.

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An accommodation request form must be filled out in order to qualify for accommodations. Proof of disability, long term or short term, must be included for documentation. The student must also explain how the disability impacts them academically or otherwise so that proper accommodations can be made. Finally, an intake meeting is held between the student and accessibility services coordinator. This way the accessibility services coordinator can hear firsthand from the student how their disability is hindering them and how the accommodation can help them.
Accommodation requests can be made by students any time during their career at Wilson College, and even before acceptance. The information the provided during the process becomes a part of your student file at Wilson College, but is shredded after five years and is not a part of your official college record. Students have access to their files at any time.
The academic success center is a great resource for any student at Wilson looking to build a stronger academic career. Check out how the academic success center today!

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