Staying healthy, staying safe, and staying fed.

We are living history right now. We are a year into a pandemic that we thought would be over sooner than what is now projected. It has not come without hardships. The way we financially for a lot of people too. Many of us have suffered from job loss, leaving some people without the means to buy enough food. Thankfully, Wilson College offers a way for students in need to get food with anonymity.

Sarah’s Cupboard was established in 2016 and was initially a student run food pantry. Now is it run by Chaplain Derek and lies in Lower Lenfest 005. Chaplain Derek explained that Sarah’s

Sarah’s Cupboard logo, screenshot provided by Julia Roat

Cupboard is not meant to be a replacement for groceries but it is meant to serve as a way to get supplementary food when you just do not have enough for what you need. Sarah’s Cupboard is open to any Wilson student with a student ID, there is no proving that you are in need or any forms to fill out. The first time you go you get a card and an number that you present when you go to Sarah’s Cupboard so that Chaplain Derek can track the food being used without tying it to any one student, creating anonymity. Sarah’s Cupboard is open this spring on Tuesday’s from 1pm-3pm, Wednesday’s from 11am-12pm, and Friday’s from 2pm-4pm. Chaplain Derek also told me that if students cannot get to Sarah’s Cupboard during open hours to get in contact with him to schedule another time that works for them. Students can visit Sarah’s Cupboard twice a month, and traditional students can get 10 points worth of food, while single parents are eligible to get 15 points worth of food. Every item in Sarah’s Cupboard, from granola bars to mac n’ cheese, is assigned a point value. There are a lot of different options of food that Sarah’s Cupboard provides, including some vegetarian and gluten free foods. Most of what can be found is prepackaged, basic foods that can be prepared and consumed with little to no kitchen.

Map of Food Pantries in Franklin County
Map of Food Pantries in Franklin County, screenshot provided by Julia Roat

Perishables such as milk and bread are also available. Chaplain Derek also expressed that he can and will gladly take requests for foods as well. He said that nothing helps more than student feedback. Sarah’s Cupboard is a great resource for any student in need of food in a pinch.

While Sarah’s Cupboard is a great resource, there are other food banks and food pantries

around Franklin County as well. Maranatha Food Pantry is open every Saturday from 8am-5pm. The SCCAP Chambersburg Food Pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-12pm, and 1pm-3pm. The St. Thomas Pantry is open every Saturday from 9am-11am. The Fayetteville Pantry is open the second and third Thursday of the month from 12pm-2pm. Use your resources, and stay healthy, stay safe, and stay fed.

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