Wilson’s New Lacrosse Program

This year Wilson college welcomes the new sports program of Wilson Lacrosse, to which Wilson has a long history of lacrosse. The first official Wilson’s lacrosse team was in 1935 and then continued until 1985. In the 1960s, the head coach was Kathy Heinze, who played as a reserved player on the English National team. Heinze also went on to coach the U.S lacrosse undefeated team of 1975.  

Wilson Lacrosse’s program history is rich in achievements set to continue in the new program seasons to come. When interviewed, head coach Emily Barbieri stated that she hopes to grow the program by having big recruitment classes. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the new plans start to have relatively slow with fall ball cancelation. Still, Barbieri also stated, “I’m very excited to get started and have our first practice together. I’m excited to build a culture with the girls that we have now”.   

Since the team cannot meet in person, Head Coach Barbieri offered the advice to the team players. She said, “Time management, definitely managing your time and making sure that you giving yourself enough time for studying and for classes. Focusing on lacrosse and making sure that you are still putting in the work. Then having a social life is important and making sure you’re balancing everything out”. 

Regarding the future Coach, Barbieri explained with things looking at how they are most likely the new lacrosse team will play their first season as a team. Barbieri also stated that the team motto she hopes the group will adopt is “built to last,” which refers to the new culture and new program that the program hopes to build. Also, it relates to the growth and expansion that Coach Barbieri wants and the roots she believes this new program will construct.   

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