We’re All in Quarantine, What Do We Do Now?

The year 2020 may go down as one of the most unprecedented but most historic years ever. I say this because COVID-19, a global pandemic that has forced most of America into quarantine, has practically taken over our lives and it all has happened so fast.

December 2019 was when the pandemic’s first case was recorded in Wuhan, China. It then spread it elsewhere, including Europe, Africa and the United States. The virus started to affect people in other countries starting in March 2020, and by April 9 there were a reported 1.57 million cases of the viruses in more than two hundred countries, with at least 94,000 reported deaths.

Just in the month of March, the virus caused many professional sports seasons to be cancelled, such as MLB, NBA, and NHL and NCAA, including March Madness. Additionally, almost all businesses have either closed or asked employees to work from home, and grade schools, colleges and universities have been closed indefinitely.

Just one month ago students, were in dorms living their lives, taking classes, and enjoying the college experience, but the semester has taken a turn for most students, professors and faculty members alike.

So, the million-dollar question is, what do we do now? We have now been forced to stay indoors except for maybe a walk or two, grabbing essential items, and going to visit family members.

I think that what everyone can take from this forced quarantine is to not take anything for granted in life. I think that every day we all wake up and sometimes forget the true meaning and value of what we wake up to each morning, and it is all different for us. Some wake up and are able to have their family with them, see all their friends, or learn in a class every day. Unfortunately, some of these capabilities have been taken away and we need to all recognize how important it is that we are still alive and healthy.

Secondly, I think that we should all stay positive during these unprecedented times and stick together. Some daily routines have been taken away, but there are plenty of alterative opportunities to take. For example, try taking a walk everyday at noon or maybe completing a workout before (or after) you get lunch to help keep you active. If possible, spend time communicating with family members to make sure they are okay.

Keeping social distance is paramount during these times as we should be making sure we are staying away from people to stop the spread of the virus. Though we are in tough times, we can all still use a little fresh air or maybe even try some art by painting a picture.

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