Taylor 2 Dance Company Performs at Capitol Theatre

On February 21, the famous Taylor 2 Dance Company came to perform in Chambersburg at the Capitol Theatre. Some Orchesis members (about 11 of us) were also given the opportunity to assist with the event. We were given duties such as greeting people at the door, handling coat checks, giving out programs, and ushering people to their seats. I helped escort people to their seats and at first it was a bit nerve wracking. After a while I was more comfortable, especially after seeing familiar faces from Wilson like faculty, professors, and students.

Taylor 2’s performance was amazing. Throughout the show, the dancers showed us their ability and strength by executing numerous lifts along with moments of balance. It was interesting to see how they were able to combine different dance styles together including modern, contemporary, and ballet. My favorite piece was “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!”, which was performed by Mr. Vorsteg and all the female dancers in the company. Its setting was in the 1940’s, like all the other dances, and included some humor, which I think everyone enjoyed.

The concept behind many of the numbers showcased what couples experienced in relationships during World War II, and the dancers made that story very clear. After the performance, the dancers were able to interact with the audience by doing a Q&A, which was hosted by Wilson College Master of Fine Arts Program Director, Joshua Legg. There were questions regarding their muscle strength and approaching a career in dance.

The dancers always stretch, and even have post-warm up stretches. Equipment like rollers help them stretch out their muscles and are often packed for traveling. As far as approaching a career in dance, it was stated that keeping connections with professors and even peers is very important because those are the people who can provide advice.

Experiencing the performance of Taylor 2 was amazing, and if they are performing in your area, I recommend buying a ticket.

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