‘Donut’ Worry, Be Happy

By Samantha Cantrell

Photo by Sam Cantrell

There are many ways to enjoy donuts: whether they are eaten for breakfast, a midday snack, a dessert or some combination, there are plenty of ways to experiment with toppings and flavors for an experience anyone can enjoy.  For Yomaira Robles and her husband Luis Medina, owners of Mikey’s Mini Donuts, the versatility of donuts has inspired them to open their own business in the heart of downtown Chambersburg.  While they initially took over operations of Mikey’s Mini Donuts from Michael Rosario, originally located in the Hagerstown Premium Outlets, they have since expanded the menu and opened their own location to take the business in a new direction.

Having grown up in Puerto Rico, the owners are excited to be able to offer products that incorporate both American and Puerto Rican culture.  Their donuts are similar to recipes typically used in Puerto Rico, but the wide variety of sugary toppings and the custom-made style of ordering that is typically American. They perfect their recipes through trial and error, but in the end, it is up to the customer to choose the combination of toppings that will satisfy their hunger.  They offer miniature donuts (about half the size of a traditional donut) and waffle pops, which can be topped with anything from flavored syrups and sauces, fresh fruit, candies, and other various additions.  These can be supplemented with many types of coffees, smoothies, and frappes.  In contrast to many American businesses, not all of their frappes include coffee: some will be made with fresh fruit, and many are caffeine-free, which is rarely the case for most places that sell similar products.  They hope to soon be able to expand their menu to include more healthy options, including fruit cups, fresh fruit with yogurt, and, of course, different types of smoothies.

Robles and Medina are excited to meet new customers to see what new combinations they will come up with, and to have the freedom to come up with new menu items.  They hope that customers will see Mikey’s Mini Donuts as a place to find comfort, knowing that they will be able to create the experience they are looking for and to leave with their expectations met.

While they are glad to see how the business has come together, the process has not been easy.  From permits and complex paperwork, completely renovating their location to be code compliant and making sure that every detail was considered, there were times when Robles was unsure of whether she was doing the right thing by continuing to work towards her goal of a fully independent business.  However, as she has learned, she says “If you have a goal, it is possible, but you have to work.  Be firm, set your goals, nothing is impossible.”  She advises future business owners and community members to remember that it takes time to put out quality products, and patience and perseverance are key.  Both good and bad things are to be expected by taking a risk, but it is important to not let go of the passion and faith that bring vision into reality.

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