Happy National Nap Day!

By Zachary Powell

Each year, March 9 is known as National Nap Day in the United States. The day was made originally made official in 1999, according to an article by National Today. William Anthony, a professor at the University of Boston, and his wife Camille wanted to create this holiday to spread awareness and ensure Americans of the importance and health benefits of getting the proper amount of sleep.

The holiday was purposely made on March 9 to help people recuperate from the “spring forward” of daylight savings, which typically occurs the weekend before National Nap Day. Studies have shown that people are already at their most tired during daylight savings and as most of us have experienced, the time change can have a significant impact on our alertness. Therefore, this annual holiday can help people feel like there was little to no change at all.

Nis especially good in the middle of the day when it is hottest, and this is when napping is most typical. Napping not only feels good physically and mentally, but it helps with circadian rhythms and the point of change between the wake and sleep cycle. Because of this, your body knows exactly when it has time for a nap and when it should be awake.

In addition to helping your body in a positive manner, according to CNN.com and a study in the journal Heart, taking a nap once or twice per week can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Not only can it reduce these risks, but it can also improve nighttime sleeping, diminish overeating, decrease stimulation for hunger and lower chances of obesity.

Napping is a simple tactic that many Americans use either on a daily or weekly basis, but it can have even more positive outcomes than many think. Don’t forget to take a nap today!

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