B.S.U.’s Pie In The Face Fundraiser

The holidays are coming up, and what better way to celebrate than to throw whipped cream in the faces of faculty? B.S.U. (Black Student Union) decided to start fundraising for our end of the year club trip. During the spring semester, there is usually a saran wrap fundraiser involving staff and faculty volunteering to be wrapped in chairs with saran wrap. This semester we wanted to do something different and more interesting. That is when the idea of pieing people in the face came about. It felt like perfect timing since the holidays and finals week is approaching. So what better way to relieve stress than to pie people in the face?

Matt McBride and Kevin Miller
Photo by Olamide Banjo

We came up with a list of staff and faculty who could possibly bring in the most students, whether they are on their bad side or just simply have a great connection with them. We had people like Dean Mary Beth, Matt McBride, Coach TJ, and Chaplain Derek volunteer as well as many others. On Monday, I asked Mary Beth and Ryan Coll to describe the smell of the whipped cream. Mary Beth described it as “sweet” but Ryan settled with “rancid.” Our volunteers have

Student pieing Dean Mary Beth
Photo Provided by Ciera Erwin

stated that after a while, the cream had started to smell pretty bad and stayed with them for a couple hours, especially if it had gotten into their nose. Some students have even said they felt a bit of relief after participating because it allowed them to relieve some stress. Some of our donations were provided by faculty as well. Some paid but didn’t want to pie anyone, so they let students pie for them. Hosting this fundraiser has been interesting, especially since we kept running out of whip cream. Overall, it turned out well considering this was the first time we have done this. I think it is something we will do again for next fall semester. Thank you to those who volunteered and to everyone who participated.

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