VMT Open House Weekend

On November 23, Wilson College’s Office of Admissions hosted a Veterinary Studies Open House for prospective students. The Science Center was packed with families from all over coming out to look at Wilson’s programs offered through the Veterinarian Medical Technician degree program. During the event, there were many different presentations that gave the students a sneak peek into academics as well as campus life. The participants were able to hear about the

Open House Sign
Photo by Kelly Shank

different program requirements of the VMT and Animal Studies majors. They were also able to hear a panel of current and past students who gave them insight on what they could do while being a student in the program as well as what they can do with their degree following graduation. Some alumni on the panel had gone on to Veterinary School and are currently practicing veterinarians. It was unique to see what alumni have accomplished after leaving Wilson. Due to the size of the group, the prospective students were split into two separate groups for the tours and topic stations. On the tour, they got a glimpse into the academic buildings as well as residence halls and student spaces such as the fitness center. The topic stations were able to give them a glimpse of the new Veterinary Education center and what is offered in the space. The smaller size of the groups made the open house more personal, and it was easier for the guides to answer questions about campus. I personally gave tours during the day, and it was great to see all the interest in the college. With Wilson being a small college with a unique VMT program that is one of the few four year programs of its kind, it’s great to see how many people are interested in studying here in the future.

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