Sulli Became a Star Too Early

International K-pop star, Sulli passed away in her apartment on October 14, 2019. She was 25 years of age. Her manager worried about her when he lost contact with her. He went to her house and went to the police as soon as he found her. Many celebrities visited her funeral to respect her memory, and SM Entertainment, with which Sulli was affiliated, published a document cherishing her memory.

Kpop Star, Sulli

The police are investigating her death using her diary and the notes that she left. They announced that police officers are investigating with many possibilities, even though it seems that she committed suicide.

Sulli made her first debut with the girl group f(x) in 2009. Since she started using the Social Network Service (SNS) in Korea to communicate with the public in 2014, she suffered from continuous rumor and malicious comments. It was because of her disaffiliation from her group. Many people are guessing that these malicious comments had a decisive effect on her death. Recently, she appeared in a TV program that talked about the malicious comments and showed the method she used to overcome the comments of the public. However, many people think that she ultimately couldn’t endure the terrible experiences that she had to undergo.

Sulli was one of the exceptional and matchless female celebrities that fought against social prejudice. She was a woman that could show various figures and conviction of herself, endlessly betraying the expectation of the public that wanted to snuff out her ambition as a woman celebrity. However, because of her actions she was the victim of social violence, and this violence was obviously shown by malicious comments on her SNS. Sulli was a 25-year-old woman who fought most battles in the most violent place. It is perhaps natural for many people to see the face of a “fighter” from her.

“I wanted Sully to be happy. If this is the world that Sulli could be happy, I thought all women could be happy too,” one Internet user wrote on SNS. Many people, especially women, have been comforted and encouraged by her fight, yet there is a great loss here.

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