Movie Review : Bird Box

This movie “Bird Box” is about disaster that has occurred in the world. Malorie, the main character, is pregnant when she realizes that something strange is happening. People on the road see something unknown that leads them to suicide. Malorie’s sister, Jessica, dies in a car accident, and Malorie takes shelter in a nearby house. In the house, there are many people who evacuated from the disaster. The people in the house keep in mind that they are going to die if they see whatever the thing outside is, so they close the door and live in the house. While Malorie stays in the house, the

Scene from “Bird Box”

house eventually becomes a hazard so, she leaves with her son and the daughter of another house occupant to find a safe place. They cross the river with their eyes covered and finally arrive at a safe place. Malorie finds peace there, so they stay there, and that’s the way the movie ends.

When I watched this movie first, I couldn’t understand meaning of the movie. But after some interpretation, I could find some themes within the movie. There are people of various race in the movie, and white people mostly enforce sacrifice of the other people. For example, some white people from outside threaten the others to see something in the outside and make them suicide. I thought it expresses racism between white people and the other races. However, Malorie, a white person, arrives at a safe place without race distinction where there is no discrimination. When you see the end of the movie, you may be convinced that topic of the movie is related to racism. However, there are many factors in the movie that you can think about, beyond racism. If you interested in this movie, I recommend you watch the movie and interpret it yourself!

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