Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Release Makeup Collection

Popular YouTubers and friends Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have teamed up to release a makeup collection together. Star owns Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is a successful makeup brand that Star created on his own. The makeup collaboration will be released through Star’s cosmetic company. Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched in 2014 with the hope of selling lightweight liquid to matte formula lipstick.

The collection will be called “The Conspiracy Collection”, because Dawson is well-known on YouTube for his conspiracy theory videos, which have gained him a large fanbase on the platform. Dawson is also known for filming miniseries for his YouTube channel. Some of the more popular series that he has filmed were about controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau. The series about Jake Paul was him trying to figure out if he’s a sociopath, and the one about Mongeau was about her failed convention called TanaCon.

Star is known on YouTube for posting makeup tutorials and makeup reviews. Some of the more well-known videos that Star has done are tutorial using makeup brands that don’t support him, a review of Kylie Jenner’s brush set and her skincare line.

Dawson, leading up to the launch of The Conspiracy Collection, has been filming a nine-part miniseries about Star called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” which shows Star and Dawson in the lab creating the eyeshadows for the palettes in the collection. The miniseries follows Star throughout his day-to-day life as Dawson tries to understand him and his world. The series starts off with Shane and Jeffree traveling to Sacramento for the launch of Jeffree’s brush set collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics. The series starts in February when Dawson decides to create the collection with Star and then follows Dawson and Star throughout the year and the creation of the entire Conspiracy Collection.

The Conspiracy collection will include an 18-shade eyeshadow palette, called the Conspiracy palette for $52. The mini conspiracy palette for $28, the SHANE X JEFFREE Palette bundle, which gives you both the 18-shade palette and the mini palette for $72. The collection also includes six velour liquid lipsticks, $18 each, a clear gloss: $18, a lip balm: $18, and black and pink pig hand mirrors: $30. The entire collection excluding the mirrors is available for $210, which includes all the makeup and a black imprint travel bag, or you could just get the lipstick bundle for $90.

The pair are also releasing conspiracy track jogger: $45, conspiracy track jacket: $55, Shane x Jeffree imprint travel bag $30, Shane x Jeffree double zip makeup bag, available in black or pink: $40, Shane Dawson accessory bag: $30, and a Shane Dawson side bag, available in black or pink: $35. The whole makeup collection will be available on and the clothing merch will be available on starting Friday November 1, 2019 at 10a.m. PST. Jeffree Star has a very successful cosmetic company that has lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and brushes. Star also has brushes and a palette in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics that both launched in 2019.

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