Save the Drama for James Charles and the Paul Brothers: Non-Problematic YouTubers Exist

Imagine this: You are having a bad day. The drama around you is getting too much. All you want to do is flop down in your bed and veg out for about an hour. You need something that will lift your spirits. You open the YouTube app on your phone and are bombarded with YouTube drama. Between James Charles and the Paul Brothers taking over the website with their latest antics, you sigh. You do not need any more drama in your day.

Have no fear, non-problematic YouTubers are here! If you want some laughs to brighten your day and no drama to overtake your senses, these YouTube channels are for you. The following channels do some ridiculous things in hopes to make people laugh.

“Smosh”, a comedy-sketch group from California make videos about anything. From Try Not to Laugh, If Movies Were Real, Every Blank Ever, and many, many more, these videos are filled with hilarious lines and costumes. Some of their best videos are their Try Not to Laugh videos and others they upload where they are competing against each other. Along with these videos, they also have a gaming channel called “Smosh Games” and a podcast called “Smosh Cast.” On the gaming channel, they play Mari-Craft, which is just them playing Minecraft, Game Bangs, which is the giant group of them playing board games or video games, and Bored AF, which is them playing different kinds of board games. On their podcast, they talk about their lives, their experiences and their thoughts and ideas. This rag-tag group of people come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. They are a bunch of hilarious people that started out in different careers and somehow found their way to YouTube. Two of the channel regulars were on Disney’s “So Random”. A few of them still act in television sitcoms or lend their voices to cartoons and video games. They also have celebrities in some of their videos. Most recently Zachary Levi and Macaulay Culkin were on Try Not to Laugh.

“Smosh” channel homepage
“GMM” channel homepage

When it comes to drama, they stay out of it. In their videos, like YouTube Detention, they only hint at the drama by changing names of characters and skipthe fact that those problematic YouTubers are ridiculous in a manner that does not attack them. And when it comes to YouTubers trying to talk down to the group, they ignore it. Jake Paul, for instance, tried starting drama with the group a few months ago. One of the founders of Smosh, Ian Hecox, ignored Paul’s comments and kept going. He did not bother telling the group until their podcast aired.

“Good Mythical Morning” (GMM) consists of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, two 40-something-year-old-dads who do a lot of ridiculously hilarious things for the internet. From videos like Will It (Blank) to Putting Things on a Shelf, these two do it all. They try foods from different countries, try to guess where it is from by either speaking it out loud or throwing darts at a map. Similar to that, they test out different products and try to find the name brand product. A few of my favorite videos would be of them putting different objects in a meat grinder, burying different objects under the ground for three months, and them trying to guess if shoes were name brand or store brand. In the meat grinder video, they put a Barbie and Ken doll into it and discovered that Ken was made from a stronger plastic than Barbie. With burying different objects under the ground for three months, they discovered that eggshells are strong. In a lot of their videos, like the one where they are burying objects underground, they tend to say, “We also put/buried Link’s glasses for (enter length of time here).” However, Neal is always wearing his glasses, so they take them off during a cut in the video and act like they put them in jars or buried them. He will take them back from McLaughlin and respond with, “So that’s where they’ve been.” They also test out different products, seeing which one does a better job. The videos they make range from all topics and crazy ideas these two engineers bring to the table. They also interview celebrities on some of their videos. Harry Potter’s very own Daniel Radcliffe was on a video at one point.

As for drama, GMM is pretty good at ignoring all of it. They do not comment on it or talk about it. They just want to make people laugh with their videos. They will make jokes about each other or the people around them in that time, but they never call people out on their videos.

A few smaller channels like “Infinite” and “Reaction Time” are groups of friends reacting to viral videos. They make their own kind of challenges like the Try Not to Say ‘Wow’ challenge that they always fail at. These two channels also avoid drama. They just want to make videos with their friends to make people laugh at their crazy antics.

So next time you want to veg out on your bed or on a comfy chair, watch some funny YouTube channels. Drama is interesting to follow, but when you just need a laugh in your life, these are the channels to check out. Personally, I have watched “Smosh’s” Try Not to Laugh videos about twenty times each, and they still make me laugh. Everyone needs a little laughter in their lives while drama and stress are swirling around them.

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