Halloween Dance Brings Excitement to Campus

The time of the year has come! The chilly nights, fall leaves, and spooky vibes have once again arrived. With that being said, Wilson College had its annual Halloween Dance on the evening of Halloween. With many students already looking forward to the dance, many faculty and staff were pretty amped for this event as it can be one of the best events of the semester that the college hosts.

A lot of people look forward to this special day and event because of the weather and its nature, but a lot of people also look forward to Halloween because of the dressing up, seeing their friends

Jarrett Rickerds and Larayn Hope
Zachary Powell and Bethany Comp

dress up, candy, and a time of social gathering.

“My favorite part of the dance was probably being able to dress up and have a good time with everyone there,” Amber Allen ‘21 mentioned.

Bethany Comp ’21 went on to say that “Seeing all of my friends and faculty in their costumes was my favorite part.”

“My favorite part about the dance had to be hanging out with friends, seeing what everyone was dressed up as, and of course dancing,” Jarrett Rickerds ’20 said.

Whether students, faculty, and staff take the time to detail and focus on their costumes or not, people typically enjoy their time at the dance to socialize and see all of their friends and classmates together while having a live DJ and being able to request and hear their favorite songs.

“I think the Halloween dance is always one of the best dances because it is in the Science Center and there is a nicer set up than other dances,” Sierra Hill added. “I know a lot of people like having it there.”

John Sollenberger ’21 added his remarks saying, “It was fun to just go somewhere and have something different plus, there was food.”

Although the dance is something a lot of people look forward to and is highly liked, there are a few suggestions that students in particular would like to be different.

“I would make the dance go a little longer, like maybe until 11:30PM,” Allen mentioned.

Bethany Comp also stated, “It would be nice to have more current music.”

Other than the few changes suggested, people said that they enjoyed this dance how it was.

The food, candy, the DJ, and all the people in different costumes is what makes this recurring annual dance such a popular and highly liked event.

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