Ready for a Dunkin’ Run?

Sweet coffee and warm donuts engulf the air as you walk through the glass paneled door of Dunkin Donuts. As a regular customer, I find comfort in coming to Dunkin Donuts, because the staff is so kind and so welcoming as soon as you step into the restaurant.  On my visit to Dunkin, I enjoy observing the atmosphere. Maybe it’s something in the coffee, but even the fellow guests that sit in the dining area, share a friendly smile and even strike up a conversation with any stranger. Most customers that walk through the door are regulars and the astonishing staff always remembers every order.  They remember because they genuinely care for each person that walks through the door. Though I couldn’t snag an interview with the employees, I was able to catch their names; Chuyli Patel, Mcmishu Patel, Raj Patel. They are always so sweet and eager to greet any guest at Dunkin’.  My go-to-order is the French Vanilla Iced Latte, so basic, yet so delicious. They make it perfect every time. I tried a sample of their hot drinks, cold drinks, and their frozen drinks and loved every one. The Iced Cappuccino might be a new favorite. I also got to try just a black coffee and added my sweeteners as needed, but it was so pleasant and perked me right up for the rest of the day. At this location, they offer a huge variety of coffee drinks hot or cold, and they also offer Dunkin’s version of a slushee, called a Coolatta, that comes in many decadently sweet flavors. They also offer a somewhat expansive list of breakfast sandwiches including croissants, bagels, and English muffins. And you can’t forget the donuts! For spooky season they have a tasty selection of fall themed and classic donuts, such as pumpkin, “Spider,” chocolate glazed, regular glazed, strawberry filled, and so many more.  People come and sit in Dunkin’ not just for the coffee, but for the experience of it all. They come to be enthralled with a place that is so gentle and peaceful. Many guests choose this Dunkin because of the warm staff and the perfectly executed coffee. I choose this Dunkin’ not just to put some pep in my step, but because I love being here. I find solace here, with the people I have never met and a staff I absolutely adore. So any chance you get, make your way over to the wonderful world of Dunkin’ and I promise you’ll leave with a smile and a savory cup of coffee just the way you like it!

I would also like to personally thank the employees at Dunkin for always making me feel so welcomed in the small confines of their store. They have been so generous and caring in my three years at Wilson and we have built a wonderful rappor! I am happy to know that while I’m in the area, I will always come here for the rest of my time here at Wilson!

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