Places to See in New York City

Wilson College provided a free day trip to the New York city on Saturday September 30th. All students who applied for the trip got a chance to go to New York by bus and a ticket for the Metropolitan museum for free. It was a great opportunity for students like me who have few chances to go to New York. Although it was first time going to New York, I’ll introduce some nice places to visit.

Sarabeth’s Restaurants

If you want to enjoy your brunch at New York, you should go to this place. Sarabeth’s Restaurants are famous for brunch, and also provide lunch and dinner. The best on the menu is egg benedict.  It’s about $25. I ate butter milk pancakes with strawberries and bananas. It tastes nice and the atmosphere of the restaurant is also gorgeous. However, I thought it was too noisy because there were so many people in the place. Nonetheless, it’s one of the popular brunch restaurants in NYC, so I recommend you visit it once.

Central Park

Central Park is a park in the heart of the city in Manhattan, New York. It is considered the most visited park in the entire U.S. I was surprised at the size of the park, and there are also so many people in the park. Various people enjoyed a picnic with their family and friends in a peaceful mood. I thought it would be great to visit this place and spend all day on holiday. In addition, you can ride in a carriage with a real horse if you pay some money. It would be a good memorable experience in NYC.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is a world-renowned art museum located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. The distinctive feature of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is that the width of its collection extends throughout the ages and regions. I did not have enough time to appreciate these many arts, so I just appreciated some part of all works, but it was wonderful moment for me. I enjoyed the arts of some famous artists, such as Claude Monet and François-Auguste-René Rodin. It was unbelievable to see these artists’ works in this large museum. Also, the atmosphere of the museum was good for me to spend time at this place. I think it’s an essential course when you arrive in New York.

5 Napkin Burger

5 Napkin Burger mainly serves burgers and cocktails. I heard about the place from a friend of my friend who lives in New York. I have never visited a burger restaurant since I arrived to U.S, so I wanted a taste of burger in the U.S. It was so crowded too, so I waited for 20 minutes. I ordered my food and ate them, it was pretty good! I don’t like beef burgers, but it had a different taste than the other burgers that I ate. Also, the onion rings from the side menu are crispy and delicious. Even though there were too many people in the store, it was a great choice to have dinner at 5 Napkin Burger.

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