Wilson College’s Equestrian Center In Our Backyard

The Penn Hall Equestrian Center has been a large part of campus life here at Wilson College, Since the opening of the college, the equestrian department has undergone a lot of change and adaptation. From changes in coaches to changes in horses, one thing has always remained the same; students’ love for good horsemanship.

Because all clubs and teams are student run and governed, all of the equestrian teams are made up of dedicated students of all backgrounds and majors. These teams and clubs include the Hunt Seat Team, Eventing Team, EFT Club, Western Club, Drill Team, and the Dressage Team. Emily Frye ’22, a member and officer of the Hunt Seat Team states, “As a second year member, my overall favorite things about being on the team are the team members, the multiple opportunities to ride different horses, and the chance to become a better rider.”

The facility consists of three barns; 71 stalls total, and currently, over 50 horses. The equestrian center also has three riding arenas; two indoors and one outdoor. The dedicated staff run the barns and care for all of the horses.

The equestrian center also holds a lot of work study and job opportunities. Students with horse experience are welcome to apply and work at the barns. Students can also apply for jobs as part-time workers. This gives them real-life job experience as well as an on-campus job opportunity. Emily Crater ‘22 , a student at Wilson and a part-time staff member expresses, “It’s nice to have a job that pays well for a college student and that is on-campus. The experience that I am getting now will carry over into my future career. It’s a plus that I really love my job.”

While there are many horses on campus that are owned entirely by the equestrian center, many of the horses are half-leased or full-leased to the school. Some of the horses are even donated to the school as well. These horses are very well taken care of and are even used in many classes here at Wilson.

Not only are the horses used in Equine Studies classes, but they are used in Equitation (riding) classes that any student in any major can be in, and they are used by other departments, like the VMT department. Each horse receives the best care and overall treatment.

Many students are also able to board their horses on campus. This allows students to continue to grow and practice with their own personal horses. Hannah Femia ‘22, a boarder, says, “It’s great to have such a nice facility so close to our dorms and know that our horses are always being taken care of.”


The equestrian center plays a large part in the Wilson College experience. So many students are involved in making the facility run smoothly. Without the Penn Hall Equestrian Center, a big part of what makes up Wilson College would be missing. Be sure to check out the equestrian center on the other side of campus!

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