Sarah Wilson Week Traditions Take Over Campus

Photo Provided by Megan Potter
Evens Banner

The week of September 9 through the 13 was a week filled with tradition and celebration. Sarah Wilson Week has been celebrated throughout the generations of Wilson students and staff alike. From Bigs and Littles, to the color war, everyone was able to participate and join in on the fun!

Monday kicked off the festivities with the Color Ceremony, in which the freshman class was presented with their banner from their sister class. Tuesday was Opening Convocation, where the freshman class and new members of the Wilson community signed the Honor Principle. Wednesday was Bigs/Littles day, where Bigs finally introduced themselves to their Littles and gave them their dinks. Banner stealing ran from Thursday into Friday. Then Friday night was the Color War between the sister classes.

These traditions are all important to Wilson in many ways. It strengthens our bond as a community and welcomes the freshmen into the fun one can have during their college experience. Bigs are special mentors to their Littles, guiding them along the way and always being available for questions or even just an open ear to listen. It encourages friendly competition between the classes while bringing them even closer together. Hopefully these traditions will last many, many years longer!

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