Here’s My Music Blurb for the Semester

Can I be honest with you for a second? The only reason I have not screamed in frustration and gave up the past few days is because of the amount of music I have been listening to daily (thank you Spotify and the person the keeps playing the piano in Sarah’s). I get way into my head if I do not listen to music. Silence stresses me out more than it probably should. My mind will start to wonder to the most ridiculous things at the worst times. Just the other day I started overthinking while reading my Mass Communication Theory book. That took me down a rabbit hole that only sleep could stop. But back to what I was saying about music.

Those that know me well or know what I want to do after graduation know I am a huge music person. I go to a lot of concerts. I am always finding new artists and singers to listen to. Music gives me something else to focus on besides the never-stopping train of thought in my head. And it is not just the fact that I do not like silence. Music is probably my favorite form of art. The amount of work that goes into creating it, well, it blows me away.

Take Charlie Puth for example. This guy produces all his own music and writes his own lyrics. It takes him a good year or so to finish an album because of the amount of work he puts into it. He puts his own personality into the music he creates. That is why everyone either loves or hates him. The band Waterparks also produce and write their own music. These artists are so well-received because of this. It also makes live shows that much better.

I remember reading somewhere that some people get goosebumps when a song touches them. This is mostly people who use more of the right side of their brain (the side of the brain that focuses on creativity more than, say, the left side that is more of an academic side of the brain). I will have to say, I use more of the right side of my brain than probably anything. This side of the brain is also sensitive to music. If a song is good and well produced, it is going to feel different to someone who is attuned to it than to someone who just listens to music to listen to it.

I guess what I am trying to say is I really love music. It keeps me sane. There is always a song that relates to how I am feeling. I decided to start “Hannah’s Spotify Recommendations” for this reason. There is good odds that if you see me with headphones in that there is a 95 percent chance that I am listening to music of some kind. I figured why not share some of my favorite artists and singers that maybe not too many people know about.

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