International Outlook On Wilson

I still remember the day when I got my placement letter from IREX that I was being placed at Wilson College in Chambersburg. I cried a lot when I searched about the area because I found that there is no public transportation facility in the city. I thought that all my traveling plans would be ruined.

I came to Wilson on August 18 2019. I was feeling anxious, confused, and upset when a tall, beautiful lady introduced herself as my host advisor. Her name is Crystal Lantz. Unfortunately, she gave me a bundle of documents to fill which increased my anxiety. Next day, our orientation week started, and she introduced all international students to the faculty and staff at Wilson. Despite all of the serious guidelines and meetings which increased our nerves, she was thankful for our food, health and fun was cared for.

Our first outdoor trip was to an adventure park where we did a few fun activities. That trip melted the ice among us and all international students were tied in a friendly bond. She arranged a trip to Washington, DC. It was a long-term goal of mine, which was accomplished through Wilson’s platform.

I am very interested in the world history so I visited many of the museums D.C. Many of the other freshmen  arrived on campus on 22 August, and our official student orientation started. The college was decorated with blue balloons to welcome us. There was great hustle and bustle everywhere. I realized now that why America is known as the melting pot because I saw students of different age groups from diverse cultural backgrounds. Then I heard a sentence by Dean Mary Beth in orientation saying, “make this Wilson your Wilson”. In orientation week there were numerous games, delicious food, along with the sessions.

I visited the activities fair on 25 August, which was interesting because there were plenty of clubs on campus which is helpful for students. I joined all of them in excitement The real quest began on 26 August when I met my all professors who are very cooperative. I have spent my one month in the college so far, getting involved in all curricular and extracurricular activities. Now I can proudly say that I made this Wilson my Wilson and it is the best experience of my life to be a part of Wilson College. I came as a stranger but will be leaving as a friend.


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